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What does even Succulence mean?

It is said that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but at Succulence, you can judge us by our name and cover! We often get asked what Succulence means? Succulence is the quality of being juicy, tasty, and tender. Which is exactly what we make sure we deliver!

Along with assured succulent cakes, we make sure they’re also the freshest and made with only the highest-quality ingredients. Succulence is not a technical industrial kitchen so none of our products are pre-made and stored, our products are fresh, made with absolute care, hygiene and love and can be customized to your health needs and preferences.

We’re Vegetarian and our products are 100% eggless so there is absolutely no chance of cross-contamination. Succulence's cakes are baked in an FSSAI licensed kitchen and are healthier than a normal everyday cake! We prefer not using colors, gels or preservatives. We also avoid using fondants and never use sugar water to moisten the cake sponge.

Apart from cakes, Succulence also offers a wide range of sweet and savory products. From plant-based and vegan cakes (in our vegan kitchen, cupcakes, muffins and bespoke gift jars. We also do a variety of unconventional flavors like Thandai and Rasmalai that feel familiar and homely.

We understand the importance of occasions and respect time, We attempt to make sure the deliveries are punctual and professional which means you can count on us for your special days.