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How to find the best cake shop in Navi Mumbai

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Though, it depends on your definition of best, there are some factors that can help you choose if the cake shop that you are ordering from, is the best one for you at a given time.

  • Are products baked at home or a central kitchen or an individual kitchen? In general, home bakers can offer more customization options whereas the central kitchens are able to churn products in bulk and dispatch across their multiple outlets. Individual brand outlets may offer fresh products, adhering to food safety standards and at the same time offer customization.

  • Does the bakery/cake shop cater to your needs of ingredients - such as eggs, eggless, gluten-free, vegan, organic? In general, a kitchen handling eggs and baking egg-less/vegan may find it difficult to avoid cross contamination.

  • Does the outlet function in accordance to FSSAI standards and offer healthy, quality and fresh products? It is mandatory for businesses offering food products, to adhere to Indian standards of hygiene and safety. You may ensure that the brand/bakery/cake shop has the food license.

  • Does the cake shop offer pre-made and packaged products or products are made fresh to order? In general, packaged and ready to pickup products offer the convenience of quick procurement whereas made to order products, just like our domestic kitchens, take some time.

  • Does the bakery/cake shop offer customization to suit your health needs or sells regular packaged products made in central kitchen? At times, you may need to tweak flavors, sizes, aesthetics or cater to your health needs; it is worth checking if such possibility is being offered by the brand.

  • Is the bakery/cake shop new or has been in business for a while? If the brand has been in business for a while, it may mean that you can check the credibility better.

  • At what price point are the products sold? In general, brands like to stay close to the market price. If the products are sold below the market price, or at huge discounts then you may want to check the ingredients and their possible quality/cost.

Lastly, check the public reviews via platforms such as Google. Facebook, Instagram, Zomato among others. They can offer reasonable insight into professionalism, quality, customer satisfaction and brand's commitment in general.