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This Diwali, Let's Cherish Our Loved Ones Like Never Before

Yeh Diwali, Freshness Wali

Diwali is one of the most awaited and joyous festivals, a festival of light and hope during the current times is awaited for even more. Succulence has put together a mix of freshly baked, preservative-free best selling treats in an elegantly packed eco friendly basket, covered with festive fabric covering. It is our attempt to offer some joy and healthy treats to you, your friends and family. What comes in the basket:

  1. Rasmalai Pistachio Cake Jar - 250+ Ml

  2. Rabdi Cake Jar - 250+ Ml

  3. Gulab Jamun Cake Jar - 250+ Ml

  4. Rose, Vanilla, Pistachio Tea Cake -400 gms

  5. Chocolate Walnut Brownies -Pack of 3 (Each appx. 100 gms)

  6. Rose flavored Chocolates with Almonds, Cashew and Hazelnuts - Pack of 4

Approximate weight: 2 Kg

Price: 1700

Accepting Bulk orders/Corporate gifting orders till 31st October 2021.