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The Story of Succulence Cakes & Desserts

What We’re All About

Conceptualized in 2017, Succulence is the manifestation of thoughts towards well-being and health for all. Just as well-being is an overall approach, we promote sustainable, healthy, and compassionate living for ourselves and the planet.

Succulence offers a confluence of French baked goods, regional flavors and conventional Indian touch, through our wide range of sweet and savory delectables. From plant based and vegan cakes, cupcakes, breads to cookies, and bespoke gift jars, our products capture the imagination and appeal the consciousness of Vegan and plant-based tribe.

Unconventional flavors in cakes such as Rasmalai Cake and Thandai Cake add that touch of familiarity, appeasing both our taste buds and emotional connection of the most. Succulence delivers a variety of cakes,

desserts and savory goodies across Navi Mumbai catering to both personal and professional requirements. With our creations, we attempt to fulfill the need for any occasion – birthdays, weddings, conferences, gift boxes or snacks for the guests.


To be able to prepare and offer products which are health positive and nourishing. We experiment and continually improve our eggless, vegan and plant-based menu.

Mixing up our methods to create variety, we also make it important to branch out, picking good aspects from different cuisines and cultures, while sticking to our core. Our menu comprises of Italian baking, our successful experiments of substituting plant powered products and traditional Indian wisdom. Whatever we prepare, follows our basic philosophy of fresh, wholesome and balanced nourishment.


We wish to provide the freshest and healthier products to all by supporting local businesses, our human support and farmers whenever possible. Thus, we strive for sustainable, healthier and environmentally responsible preparation and consumption.

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